Not currently accepting new submissions.

At Cillian Press we want to be able to give each submission the full attention it deserves. Due to the overwhelming number of manuscripts we have recently received we are not currently accepting submissions at this present time. To keep updated you can visit our social media channels below. Thank you for your understanding.

Cillian Press Submission Guidelines:

As a small independent publisher, Cillian Press publishes a handful of titles each year. Whilst we would love to accept each and every submission received, we simply do not have the capacity. We advise that you carefully read and follow out our simple submission process.


What genres we accept:

We are an independent publisher of literary novels and are currently accepting a wide range of quality fiction including, but not limited to, contemporary, young adult and adult literature. Our commitment to help our authors achieve success extends to both new and previously published authors.


What we look out for:

Whilst we try to be flexible, for most manuscripts, we would normally expect a word count of between 70,000 and 100,000 words. We are no longer considering submissions for shorter novellas.

Like many publishers, we look for that something special. Publishers are inclined to go for something that is marketable.  Here at Cillian, we love a great story with good narrative, where the reader can immerse themselves into the world of the lead character. There are many books and online articles that provide helpful advice on how to pull the main elements of your manuscript together before submitting it. Ultimately, we shall leave this research to you as we understand that every book is different. You can also review our short guide on our resources page.

Our recommendation is to think carefully before you submit your manuscript. If it’s a first draft, then it’s unlikely to make it through our first round. Check your spelling and punctuation. A great idea is to have someone read your manuscript when nearing completion ensuring that they can provide you with some constructive criticism. Please note that we only accept finished manuscripts.

Finally, after the long journey of chopping and changing the story elements and reiterated edits, you have arrived at the final presentation stage. The more polished your work is the more likely it will gain its well deserved attention. Having spent so much time on the manuscript itself, we believe it deserves a well-thought-out snappy synopsis. Again you may find our author’s resource page for some tips here.


What to expect:

As stated earlier, we only publish a small number of titles each year, so please be aware that only a small percentage of submissions make it through. For first time authors new to the scene it’s worth noting that immediate success is harder to achieve in comparison with established authors. As a smaller independent publisher we will strive to maximise your book’s success by working closely with you and by developing a marketing plan that will strategically work well for your book.

For current submissions, you should hear back from us within approximately 12 weeks, although we are doing our best to reduce this time. You will receive an email confirmation to let you know that we have received your manuscript. Please note that we DO NOT accept hard copies. Being ecologically friendly, we accept only electronic submissions. Once we’ve had a chance to review your work we will then let you know whether it has been accepted or not. If your manuscript has not been accepted, please do not give up hope as we only have limited capacity.  Due to the amount of submissions received we cannot provide a critique.

If your work is accepted we may ask for a full manuscript if not already provided. At this point you will be contacted by a Cillian Press representative. Should we decide to progress further we will openly discuss the next stages that are required to get your book published - editing suggestions, cover design, marketing demographics, distribution and other options. We will also discuss the details of our involvement, introduce you to the Cillian community and discuss your involvement as the author. Once everyone is happy to proceed we sign a contract. You can find other useful information on our frequently asked questions page.


What to submit:

When submitting your finished manuscript please include the following items. If you intend to send each item as a separate attachment please include your name and contact details  on the front page of each document.

  1. Cover letter in email
  2. A short biography
  3. Synopsis
  4. Full Manuscript


How to submit:

It is important to note that we only accept electronic submissions. We accept a wide range of formats including MS Word, Open Office, MAC Word format and PDF. If for some reason we do run into a problem opening your manuscript we will get in touch with you – so don’t worry. When naming your attachment we would appreciate it if you could include your name and book title.

In summary:

  1. Electronic submissions Only
  2. Flexible file formats accepted (.doc .pdf etc)
  3. email subject: Book Submission -
  4. Name your attachment(s) author_titleofbook_FullManuscript
  5. email to:

That’s it. Having reviewed our submission guidelines we would appreciate that you adhere to the steps described. We do try to be flexible but by following a general submission format it allows us to get through manuscripts faster ensuring that no manuscript is overlooked. We wish you the very best and hope that we can build a lasting relationship with you.

To answer any further queries you may have, check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

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