Anywhere Out of the World

by Alan Bilton

What if you woke up in the morning to find the world utterly transformed? What if a wrong turn took you to a strange, unknown place?
What if the barrier between the real and the impossible proved to be much more fragile than anybody could possibly have imagined?

From the prodigious imagination of the cult writer Alan Bilton, author of The Known and Unknown Sea and The Sleepwalkers’ Ball comes a collection of strange and unsettling short stories, poised midway between horror and comedy, the deeply mysterious and the utterly absurd.

Drop through trapdoors and explore secret passages between the everyday and the fantastical, a labyrinth whose secrets leads one deeper and deeper into the unknown. At every step, the curious, the lost, and the unwary stumble through an opening to another world - a world unlike any other in contemporary fiction.



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Anywhere Out of the World
by Alan Bilton
Publisher: Cillian Press
Pub Date: 07-2016

PB: 978-1-909776-16-6
EB: 978-1-909776-17-3
PB RRP: £9.99

Fiction: Short Stories
Short Stories
& Anthologies
Fiction: Fantasy- Contemporary

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About the Author:  Alan Bilton

Alan Bilton was born in York in 1969. In keeping with the two main sources of employment back then, his family either worked on the railways or in chocolate; but he did neither. Rather, he received his undergraduate degree in Literature and Film from Stirling University in 1991, and his PhD from Manchester University in 1995. He is married, with one small child and one hairy dog. His first novel, The Sleepwalkers’ Ball, described as ‘Kafka meets Mary Poppins’, was published by Alcemi in 2009. He is also the author of books on silent film comedy, contemporary fiction, and America in the 1920s, alongside short stories, essays and reviews. He teaches Creative Writing, fiction and film at Swansea.

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Name: The Known and Unkown Sea
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PB RRP: £9.99

Available at most online retailers and at selected bookstores