The Silence of Stone

by Andrea Busfield

From the critically acclaimed author of Born Under a Million Shadows and Aphrodite’s War, this haunting thriller charts the frozen rivers of the mountains as they deliver up the mysteries of the past.

Fierce snowstorms have battered Upper Austria, paralysing the region in the grip of an early and unforgiving winter. 
Nine-year-old Traudi wakes up to find she’s alone in the house. Cut off from the nearby hamlet of Hallstatt, she senses something is wrong. Then, when daylight fades and she catches sight of blood stains on the snow, she realises she may not be as alone as she had previously thought.
As Traudi prays for her family’s return, the local mountain rescue team receive an emergency call. Leo Hirsch, the group’s leader, is battling a loss of his own and finds the mission a welcome distraction, little knowing that this rescue will turn out to be like nothing he has encountered before.



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The Silence of Stone
by Andrea Busfield
Publisher: Cillian Press
Pub Date: 07/2016

PB: 978-1-909776-18-0
EB: 978-1-909776-19-7

PB RRP: £9.99

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Andrea Busfield. Author of The Silence of Stone

About the Author:  Andrea Busfield

Born in England, Andrea Busfield worked for UK national newspapers for 15 years before leaving for Afghanistan where she worked as a civilian editor for a NATO hearts-and-minds publication. Whilst in Kabul, she wrote her first novel, Born Under a Million Shadows (2009 Transworld) which became wildly successful selling into 18 territories. Her second novel, Aphrodite’s War, was published a year later, also by Transworld, and sold to five territories. For three years, she lived 20kms away from Hallstatt, the isolated town in which her latest novel, The Silence of Stone is set. The inspiration for this book was drawn from its setting and history but also by the sheer dedication and commitment of the local mountain rescue team and their efforts that went far beyond a sense of civic duty. She currently lives in Cyprus.

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