The Chorlton Book Giveaway!

In our drive to support independent bookstores, we’ve teamed up with Chorlton Bookshop and for a short period of time we’re giving away a limited number of signed copies from our entire list. Simply choose a title from the list below then drop into Chorlton Bookshop and say ‘I Love Books!’ and claim your free signed copy* – it’s that simple!

Who we are?

Operating from close to Chorlton near Longford Park, we are a newly established independent publisher of quality literary fiction aimed at sophisticated readers who want to be both challenged and entertained. We publish a unique range of titles from exciting UK authors. Most of our titles are aimed at adults, although we’ve also published two exciting new teen fiction titles. The books we publish have been carefully selected from hundreds of manuscripts bringing you some of the best new and emerging authors.

Why are we doing this?

There are a number of reasons. As an independent publisher we fully support independent bookshops and are aware that they are closing around the UK at an alarming rate. So we want to encourage readers into these independent bookshops, especially Chorlton Bookshop who have been so supportive to all our titles.  We also wanted to introduce you to Cillian Press and our exciting authors. Finally, as a little experiment, we wanted to see how quick social media could get the word out to the folk living in and around Chorlton and to see if it does actually work. We’re just using social media to let you know about this promotion – feel free to re-tweet!


Our core message is this: If you would like to continue to see daring fresh, new writers - titles that are non-mainstream - then it is important that you support independent bookshops and keep an eye out for titles published by the smaller presses particularly in this incredibly competitive marketplace.


*Conditions:  There will be a limited number of books and the free promotion will start from St. Patricks Day until Saturday 22nd (or until such time the books run out – when they’re gone they’re gone!). All copies have been signed by each author. Only one copy per person is permitted.


1. Choose a book from the brochure or list below
2. Go to Chorlton Bookshop
 506 Wilbraham Rd,
Manchester M21 9AW.
3. say .. "I Like Books!"
4. Walk away with your chosen free copy from Cillian Press' exciting new titles list feeling good!

Titles List:

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Titles List:

Contemporary Adult Fiction

  • Flirting at the Funeral by Chris Keil
  • Given the Choice by Susan Sellers
  • The Known & Unknown Sea by Alan Bilton
  • Word on the Street by Romy Wood
  • Wingspan by Jeremy Hughes

Young Adults

  • The Union Trilogy (14yrs+)
  • Book 1 - Blinded by the Light by Joe Kipling
  • Tregathur's Series (12yrs+)
  • Book 1 - Tregarthur's Promise by Alex Mellanby